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Ju-Jutsu as a Husband-Tamer: A Suffragette Play with a Moral

  1. A real good counter and lock for right body-blow (swing or kidney punch).
  2. Bill is top-dog, or thinks he is.
  3. Bill is foiled by a knee-push when Liz straightens her right leg quickly. Bill will fall backwards, and Lizzie's left foot prevents him recovering his balance.
  4. Liz catches a hand-twist as Bill is getting up. Liz can take him anywhere she likes now.
  5. Bill seizes a shovel from the fire-place and makes a final attempt to overcome his missus, but she runs in to get under the blow, and so loses its force. She has just turned, ready to take a hip throw.
  6. The hip throw; the heaviest and last. Bill does not get up again until he has apologised to Liz.
  7. Liz has securely tied both Bill's legs, one acting as a wedge on which to wrench the other. She is just exclaiming: "Where's that there skewer?" and she holds her husband fast until he taps the mat and halloos out "Enough!"

From Health & Strength, April 8, 1911, 339.
(Journal of Non-lethal Combatives, December 1999)


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